Monday, December 3, 2012

'We All Float Down Here!'

This post is brought to you by my loving husband.

He brought me a bottle of wine after being away for what seemed like two years.  It was really only a week, but withdrawal is a dangerous thing.

No, the wine has not been consumed yet, that benefit is brought to you by me.

This wine is named after a character in one of the most memorable novels from my childhood.  Any guesses?  When I saw the bottle, I got a shiver.  It made me a bit nostalgic to tell you.  Seems like they don't write children's lit like they used to.

The books my daughter reads are very nice though.  She reads quite a lot for a 7 year old, at least compared to the 7 year old me.  Think about the choices we had in the early eighties.  Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys.  I never got into them, mostly because I judged a book by its cover.  And those covers were the worn out, cloth, hard bound novels that could disappear, camouflaged next to the set of equally ugly, cloth covered encyclopedias.  How could a kid pull something from the shelf that could either be a fun mystery, or in a horrible twist of fate, describe the life cycle of algae?  Not me.

So I entered my late childhood as a non reader.  That is, until a historic trip to my Aunt and Uncle's house in NY.  It was there that I first looked at a book shelf and saw something that intrigued me.  It was this...

Recognize the cover art?  It's from the post modern, transcendent novel, Misery.  Just picture a little 11 year old girl, innocently curled up with a novel, reading about a psycho chopping off the leg of her prisoner. That summer I married Stephen King.  Kind of explains a lot so far, eh?

So that brings us back to the wine.  I know it's hard sometimes, but if you hang on tightly, I'll get to the point.

When I was in 7th grade I read 'It'.

This is the wine...

'Want a balloon?'

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