Sunday, December 2, 2012

Don't Sit There!

I've decided to do this exercise routine throughout the month of December.  It's something a friend posted on Facebook, and it is basically doing squats.  Every day you up the number and by December 30th, you have to do 100 ...I mean, you are able to do 100 squats.  I did the required 20 yesterday, and haven't given up yet.  I still have quite a few hours left in this day to do the 25, or however many it calls for.  The problem I'm having is not exercise related however.  I'm having a problem with the word 'squat'.  It's an ugly word and I don't like using it, so I'm going to come up with a different word to describe the straight back bend down with your hands outstretched and your head up exercise, just so I don't have to use that ugly little 5 letter word.

Not all bad words are 4 letters.

As all exercise terms are words that describe the action being taken by the exercisee, the word has to be rather illustrative.  Honestly, the only time in the real world when I perform this pose is when I am using a public toilet.  Who, in their right minds, actually sits on a public toilet?  I worry about the future when I learn of a child that just plops their tush onto the Sears toilet seat.  Really, just wait until you get home, unless it is an emergency, at which the happening is a very rude and expressive one.  Do YOU want to sit on the seat after this expressive happening?  Me neither.

This is not me.

So this exercise will henceforth be christened 'the Hover'.  You're welcome.