Monday, December 2, 2013


It's the season of giving, right?  Just had Thanksgingkkah, and around the corner is Christmas.  So here is my gift to females worldwide.

A long sleeve shirt with a built-in bra.  All the coverage with none of the discomfort.

...on a side note, I was going to put 'femdom worldwide' and googled 'femdom' to insure I was using/spelling it correctly, which is why I used 'female' instead, but because of what I found, I have to talk about it anyway... I have always used 'femdom' as a way of saying 'of the female'.  Now I have to change my expression, since I have been referencing female domination and BDSM for the past 15 years. wonder my co-worker's wife thought I was a dom.  Explains so much, yet doesn't bring me comfort.

But back to the shirt...

I have a bra repulsion. They are restrictively hellish garments that should only be necessary if said bosom puts the owner in danger whilst being active.  Otherwise, they should be like the dress socks that slouch down your calf and bunch up in your heal...that's to say, stuffed in a dark corner in the back of a drawer.  And I can't forget to mention the fact that many men have a bigger bosom than I, so now out pops my feminism.  I stopped shaving for November too, so take that!

 Unfortunately, the elusive long sleeve with a built-in have not been invented yet.  Or the owners are keeping them selfishly hidden.  Bastards.

Screw the 80's, I should have been a 60's child.