Sunday, December 16, 2012

The War of Northern Aggression

Yesterday I experienced my first Civil War reenactment.  Round these parts, it's called The War Of Northern Aggression. ...and I didn't make that up.

We went there because they have a holiday 'Christmas in the Carolinas', weekend.  They do traditional Civil Warish things like make candles and roast a hog's head.  And Santa was there, so bonus, no picture fee.

You know that weird family church that protests at soldiers funerals?  And how everyone feels a bit sorry for the kids that are holding those horrible signs?

I felt the same stab of pity for the kids in this reenactment.  ...maybe not quite the same amount of pity, but it was close.  Some of the adults were a little 'off.'

Most of the actors were dressed in Confederate grey, but I think they had to throw a bone to the Union, so there were one or two blue coats.  I kept hoping that they would start fighting, but all they did was smoke pipes and sleep in little tents.  Being in The South, I wondered if they would change history in their little reenactment.  I would.  In fact, I would rewrite the entire war.  But I'd make it more fun.  I'd make the soldiers spin around with their foreheads on the end of a musket before they start fighting.  Maybe make them cross a pit filled with hungry alligators.  Survival of the fittest, right?  Or take away their bayonets  and give them marshmallow shooters.  Hmm, no, that would not be accurate for the time.  But potato guns, I bet they were invented by one of those crazy oldster farmers.

I thanked my history loving husband for not being a reenactor.  He is probably one cow horn black powder container away from asking for a scratchy grey wool coat for Christmas.  I'd buy him a blue one though.

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