Monday, December 17, 2012

Gingerbread Houses are Cold Remedies (at least in my house)

How long are gingerbread houses supposed to last?  Ours is made with graham crackers instead of the gingerbread, which I think tastes like feet.

I go back and forth about  letting my kids actually eat the candy house.

The kids shot down my bug argument.  I said that bugs come out and get their poofeet all over the candy.  They countered by saying that the bugs are gone for the winter.

What about the dust?  My dusting skills are a bit lacking, so  I try not to dust very often, because when I do dust, the chunks of dust just move from one place to another.  Usually into my coffee cup.  So I just allow the dust to pile up.  One day it will become hard, and all I'll have to do is pick up a brick of layered dust.  Easy peasy.

They must get dirty, the house that is, I'm totally fine with my kids being dirty.  Although you couldn't pay me enough to lick my kids.  But is that so bad?  ...eating the dirt, not licking my kids

Some scientist said that the more dirt a person eats, the less they get sick, right?  Well, we eat a LOT of dirt around here (inadvertently most of the time), and we have not been sick this entire season. This brilliant  scientist was probably a busy mom, and I salute her!   She validates me, and I love her.  ...But that means I should let them eat the dusty gingerbread house.  For their health.

So dig in kids!  But wait until we are about to go on a long car trip because I want to be shut in an enclosed prison cell with you while you hit you sugar high. ahem.

Actually, I'm kidding.  Let's pack the remains of the house into your overnight bag and have a visit with grandma and grandpa!

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