Tuesday, January 29, 2013


In case this blog has wrapped you up in a warm blanket of humor with a touch of suspense (that would be the cold nose), here are some updates...

1. The caterpillar is still in the cocoon.  Maybe he's just hibernating?  Or else in the spring we are going to have a dissection day at my house.  Yay science!

2. Christmas came and went, and we still have our tree up.  Taking down a Christmas tree is like picking out your own casket.  You know the inevitable will happen, and this is just one part of the puzzle.  ....but if I'm honest, it is still up, not because taking it down will make me sad, but because the time we have to do it, my husband has been working.  I'm not doing this job alone. With kids.

3. I never made it to the 100 'hovers'.  I'm not sure I had to do them all in one series, but that is what I tried to do.  I got to 60.  When I did do them, I tried to find a little place on my own (read- cramped closet) because I am a touch self conscious.  Even if they knew what and why, I still didn't want my family to see me doing this silly move.  I blame the Hover, which may as well stay a 'squat' because the action is as ugly as the word.

4. No weird chicken disease, so go ahead and share a glass with your feathered friend.  I'm proof that everything will be ok.

5. That parenting book.... not sure where I put it.

6. In direct correlation of #5, my son has since handed over a mystery $5 bill and my credit card.  Where the heck did I put that book?!

7. I did get that king sized bed.  Dumb move. I will never do that again.  My kids wiggle.  A lot.

So there you have it.

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