Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I Love Global Warming

I don't see the problem with global warming.  Why wouldn't you want to be closer to the ocean? Or have a longer growing season.  Think about how long we could eat fat juicy tomatoes that we just popped off the vine!  Mmmmm, tomato and mayo sandwich on squishy white bread!  Nothing like it.

I've often said that I would move only as north as Durham, NC (remember the movie Bull Durham? Yeah, that Durham), but if this trend continues, I'd be willing to look at places closer to the Mason Dixon.  Seriously, it's the beginning/middle, of January, and it's supposed to be 66 degrees tomorrow.  I'm very supportive of those temperatures.  Maybe I'll stop recycling and drive around town without an exhaust system on my car.  Better yet, I'll just buy an old diesel Volvo and refuse to run it on veggie oil!

...but if I do any of that, I'll ostracize myself and probably be shunned by many of my granola crunching friends.  I'll be warmer though.

Not that I have anything against winter, per se.  It does have its place.  Mainly that place should be in Ansel Adams photography and on pretty January/February pages on my calendar.  So far, each winter we have been in NC, we have had about one decent snow.  In my view, that's about 1-3".  It makes even the ugliest area beautiful, you can sled and build snowmen, then it melts the next day when the temp creeps back up to 60 degrees.  Another bonus for our area is that we shut down when it snows.  I don't mean 'we' as warm weather people that fear the chilly white stuff.  I mean 'we', as in the entire town.  Schools, businesses, government.  About the only thing that stays open is the hospital, and I think the student docs probably just sleep there.  And we stay shut down for approximately the same number of days as the number of inches of snow.

The winter before my husband and I moved here from Florida, this area of NC got 23" of snow.  Three weeks, that's how long it took to dig out and find the stores and schools.  Three weeks.  My rule-of-thumb stands.

Since then, the global warming has taken hold.  Thankfully.  Bring it on, sun, bring it on!

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