Friday, February 22, 2013

Tylenol Wants to Kill Babies ***

I'm going to jump up on one of my soap boxes for a sec.

It has to do with medicine and kids.  I think medicine has its place in the world of a child.  When needed, it gives the perfect amount of relief that a tiny person might need.

My problem is the serving amount that Tylenol Meltaways have for older kids.  I say serving, because it is a huge amount, at least when you are thinking about the amount of tasty medicine I should get my kid used to having.  I mean, they make them taste like candy, what kid wouldn't want them.  The serving size that I am comfortable giving my child is 'one.'  One spoonful, one tablet, one whatever.  Even when I give them a spoon of honey, I usually give them one.  The serving size that Tylenol suggests for my 7 year old daughter is 4.  We're not talking about cookies, here!  FOUR?  They want my child to get used to eating FOUR of their sugar laced medicine?!  Let's just go ahead and teach kids that when they feel cruddy, they should just pop four or five pills.  What the hell, Tylenol?!

Here's a suggestion, how about make the pill potency more concentrated.  Then put a score mark in the pill, jeez even two lines, and say the serving size is 1/2 or even a 1/4 of one pill.  That way, when my child grows up enough to think, 'gosh, my ankle hurts, lets go get some medicine to make all of my hurts go away', maybe they will only chomp one pill and know that it will work.

What happens now?  If I were to give my kids the full serving of FOUR pills, they might think to themselves in a year or two that they should take that many.  And what if they chew up FOUR of the regular strength pills???

I'm only pegging Tylenol, because I have the bottle right in front of me.  Maybe all the sugar coated kid drugs are the same.

It just doesn't make sense to me.

***It is only my opinion that Tylenol wants to kill babies.  But my opinion just might change the world one day.  ...Tylenol, please don't sue my just because you are stupid.

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