Monday, February 18, 2013

Elementary Showdown

There are some places that it is just not prudent to honk your horn at someone.

Here in the South, the only times it is acceptable is when you are either saying 'hi' to a friend, or trying to get another driver's attention before they run over a sleeping dog.

Of course, there are times when it is safer to honk, because it is either that, or turn the freeway at rush hour into a demolition derby.

But there are some places that are sacred grounds, and should never be sullied with the obnoxious sound of mechanized anger.

It is a short list, but in order to maintain peace and harmony in our lives, this list must not be disregarded.

Hereby and henceforth, do NOT honk, in anger or frustration, at another driver...
1. At your place of employment.
2. In your neighborhood.
3. In the school car rider line.

In each of these places, you will undoubtedly later see the target of your anger.  And they, at that terribly uncomfortable moment, will hold your future in their hands.  That's when you will see a glint in their eye as they feed your hopes and dreams through the shredder.

So be aware, middle aged man in the green Subaru, that I have your number.  You are not safe as long as my children are car riders.  One day, I will hold your future in my hands.  Just be thankful that I am a reasonable woman, and will accept any form of apology, be it cash or credit.  Gift cards and baked goods will also appease my injured soul. 

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