Friday, February 15, 2013

Peace, Love, and Doilies

Have you ever been grateful that you weren't born at another time?   I have often thought about how great it would have been to grow up in the 60's.  Hippies, love, drugs... I would have been in the thick of it, protesting and smokin and lovin with the best of em.  Maybe even hitching to San Francisco and hanging on Haight Ashbury and being that Black Panther white girl groupie.

At least that's what I imagine myself doing.

The scary part is, I wonder if I would have been one of the cool kids.  I kind of think my present/future self would be disappointed in my present/past self.

Because I don't want to disappoint my present/future self, I am slightly relieved that I was not born in the 40's.  This is what I fear I would have been...

This could have been me.

So I'm going to be happy with being a child of the 80's and 90's.  There are still fights to be won.  Women are still not equal in the eyes of many.   Families go hungry.  Children are still made to work instead of play.   And the booties they make for my little naked dog are never tight enough.  Those damn things fall off all the time!  You would think that since kids are making them, their little hands could get the cuffs small enough.

Time for the revolution!

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