Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Important Lessons

Me: I'm boiling bunnies.

5yo: Boiling Bunnies?! Let me see! Are you really boiling bunnies? Why are you boiling bunnies?

Me: I'm not boiling REAL bunnies. It's the mac and cheese.  The mac is shaped like bunnies.

5yo: oh.  ...as he walks away.

This, from the boy that wanted a bb gun for Christmas.  Now he wants a crickett.  No more innocence here.  Thankfully, Santa told him that he doesn't give guns to kids before they are 12yo.  You can't argue with Santa.

My husband took him (my son, not Santa) to a gun show.  I had severe reservations about this.  Timing could not have been worse.  A month after Connecticut, and a day after the President said something to the effect of "let's be smart about owning guns." ...which in the gun world is translated into "I'm going to sneak into your homes at night and steal all your guns, you loons."

Not the best time, I thought, to bring a child into the fire.  I was worried that he would hear a bunch of ranting against our government.  Not that I'm holding a fund raising dinner, but respect is important.

My husband heard my concerns.  He is actually a gun owner that has an open mind, so I trusted him to protect our boy's ears and innocence.

I had nothing to worry about.  It was just a few oldsters hanging out, not one of those big shows that all the gun lobbyists go to.

It is at this gun show where my boy saw the .22 rifle made for kids.  Now he wants to go squirrel hunting.

Ya'll have to know one of my rules.  This rule is one of my more important rules to live by, especially since I am married to a hunter.  Here's the rule...

If you kill it,
You have to eat it.

This counts for everything.  Hunting or stomping bugs.

My only exception is when it is in our house.  I think that if a bug invades my territory, I am entitled to protect myself.  I think bugs have the same rule though.  Whenever I am in their house, they try their darndest to suck my last blood cell.  They attack me outside, I attack them inside.  It's fair.  I checked with the Geneva Convention.

But squirrels are different.  1. they are cute.  2. they are cute rats.

I will not eat a rat.  Thus, I don't kill rats.  Or squirrels.

But if my son, or husband does, I will cook it for them.  Then throw away the pan.

Pasta bunnies are fair game.  Especially when you add cheese.  I bet a squirrel would even taste acceptable if you added cheese...

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