Wednesday, August 28, 2013

That Is NOT How I Meant For You To Use It!

A while back I attempted to make infused vodka.  I sliced up cucumbers into a mason jar and filled it with vodka.  I did the same with peaches.  Then I made a fatal error.

A dramatically delicious fatal error.

I left the fruit in the vodka too long.  Or the vodka in the fruit too long...

The peaches turned the weird brown that they do when you buy the peaches in the plastic cups for snacks, but you had to go to the discount food store to buy them because the checks wouldn't be deposited for another three days.  That brown.

Well, the error was a fatal one...for the peaches.  I was looking forward to chomping a healthy vodka snack one afternoon when the kids were both in school.  I couldn't get over the Aldi color though.

 ...Aldi is actually a pretty cool grocery, but you have to rent the carts for a quarter, and wonderfully, they don't give out bags.  So bonus for being weird.

So I filtered the vodka through a coffee filter, but since I left the fruit in for too long, it was very syrupy, so I just squeezed the vodka fruit like a sponge, and filled the mason jar with vodka syrup.  Then to the freezer it went.

You know when you were in college, and you tried to make jello shots, but because you were in college, you put way too much 151 in and it ended up being a jello slushie that caused regrets?

Well I ended up with a peach vodka slushie that causes orgasms.   ...If used properly.

I added some to orange and mango juice.

 Now I'm just having to wait until my husband gets home.

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