Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fugie, Ocean Queen, ...but Not in NC

I'm crowning myself Queen.  I'm struggling with the 'of' part.  Queen of Dreams? of Smelly Feet? of Contradictions?

But in the event that I never find my 'of', I'll be happy with plain ole Queen.

It's all because I crossed into my 37th year yesterday, and I thought I deserved a new name.

I really like how some cultures give temporary names to kids, then when they discover more about themselves, they choose a proper name.  When I was a kid, I heard about George Foreman naming all his kids George.  George Jr, III, IV V, VI...and poor Georgeta and Freeda George.  I'm going to pretend he did it so they have to find their own name.  So, good call, George!

I'm pretty happy with the number 37, even though when you ask me how old I am, the number that quickly and easily slips past my lips is 26.  Maybe now I'll own up to being at least 27.

As a wiser 27 year old, I have some disturbing knowledge to impart to you.  I learned this from my wonderful parents last night.  And it has to do with this...

Fudgie the Whale.

You see, last year all I wanted for my birthday was a Fudgie the Whale cake.  Unfortunately, I waited until after my birthday to let anyone know.  Even though each person in my family has at one time or another claimed that they have the power of telepathy, not one of them picked up on my yearning for Fudgie.  ..liars, every last one of 'em!

Fortunately, my parents' power of memory is a million times better than the claimed telepathy skills.  And this year, they went on a mission to find Fudgie.  

Three, then four stores didn't have Fudgie.  I'd actually be surprised if the clerks knew who Fudgie was...Carvel isn't very big here in NC.  After the failed attempts, they actually called the Carvel people.

Have I said I love my parents yet?  Because who does that?  My awesome parents, that's who.

And now for the bad news....

Fudgie isn't shipped to NC.

I am heart broken.  Until yesterday, I have found little to not love about living in this diamond in the rough. (did you hear about the ACT scores? Out of our great country of 50 states, NC came in DEAD LAST.  But that's another blogday)  

The Fudgie realization made my faith in NC falter.  I got over it though... now I have a new mission!  I will bring Fudgie to the NC masses!  I am going to start a petition, and I am going to send it to Carvel.  Hopefully with a little faith and trust, and a little bit of Fudgie dust, I will succeed.  WE will succeed!

Friend Fudgie on Facebook for future information about the petition! Bring Fudgie to NC!

On the dawn of my 37th year, I have a purpose! 

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