Thursday, September 5, 2013

Healthcare? I Don't Smell Any Healthcare.

This is an informational blog post based on a gruesome experience I just had.  Hopefully, some that are in the medical profession will read this and internalize it.  I'm trying to save people this needless suffering.

It's about the little lookiloo thing that the nurse pulls out to look in your ear.  It's an amazing little device that has these little ice cream cones that they stick on the flashlight part that funnel the beam right in your ear.  Nice.  So helpful.  And the best part?  The cones that go into the ear are disposable!  That's right, they come in long stacks like the cone cups they make the kids drink from at tennis practice.  No cross contamination of ear juice!

Unless you are the nurse that I saw yesterday.

See, I popped into the minute clinic to check tho make sure I only have a scratchy throat from allergies, not strep.  She did the normal up and down of questions.  She was very thorough.  (no strep by the way)

Then she pulled out the lookiloo and peeped in my ear.
Then she peeped in the other ear.

Stop here...  I have not a problem with this.  Ear goop to ear goop.  We are all friends here in these canals.  But then she did the unthinkable.

'Tilt your head back so I can look up your schnoz.'
And without warning, or changing the cone piece, she shoved that juicy ear cone right up my nose!  And then into the other nostril!!

I was smelling ear juice all day.

I thought about cleaning my ears with a q-tip and writing weird words on her windshield with the diy grease marker, but then I thought that would be creeper creepy, so instead I wrote a blog about it.

So for those of you that are or may one day be in the health care field...
Please, do not cross contaminate one bodily juice with another.  Especially when the patient will be smelling the foreign juice for hours.  It is very unkind.  I'll buy you extra cones.

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