Sunday, March 10, 2013

Party for 3...

Since I have dismissed Sprint from my life, I have been very conservative with my new, no contract phone.  I only get 750 minutes per month, and they take a minute every time I burp.  At first I thought it wouldn't be a big deal until I realized that I called a lot with cell to cell, which didn't count the minutes if you were on the same provider.

Turns out, I won.  Today is my last day of the 30 day phone, and I have over 300 minutes left.  I did cheat though... I got a used ipod touch, and there is an app for free texting.

So has been born, Sparkle Snaferson.  This is the name I have taken for my friends to differentiate my two phone numbers.  Sparkle only texts.

I now have a real multiple personality syndrome.  Which I think is a very negative way of looking at multiple personalities.  Why do we have to call it a syndrome?  Really it should be more like a romper room.  There is always a party there, even if one person is grumpy.

I realize that the name Sparkle brings to mind a certain entertainment career.  Which is why I added the Snaferson.  No stripper would name themselves Snaferson.  And I like alliteration.

Another bonus is I get to pretend that I have a burn phone.  Now I can really act like a spy.  Hm, maybe I should give myself a spy name.  Let's get the romper room going.  After all, only 2 people can't lead to a party.... well, I bet Sparkle could make it a party.  But Sparkle isn't that kind of girl.

Claire Phillips.  That will be my spy name.  She was a dancer that passed info during WWII, so she and Sparkle can bond.  I'm not sure if she was with the good guys or the bad guys, but every good party has a bad girl, and it will take the pressure off Sparkle.

I'm limiting membership of the romper room to females only.  Mostly because it is only in my head, and I am not a boy.  But this party is already showing promise, so maybe I'll open membership to boys soon.

 ...oh, just found out that Claire was with the good guys, so the party might not be as bad ass as initially thought, but we're all drinkers, so anything could happen.

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