Tuesday, June 4, 2013

You Have a Spot of Ketchup on Your Nose...

So the summer season is right around the corner.  I've been looking forward to it for about 8 months now, and I can feel it vibrating on my fingertips.  It's like I have a new twitch.

Now the monster question is what the heck do I do now?

As a busy stay at home mom, I have grand plans.  I even went so far as to think about alliterating our schedules, like 'museum Monday' and 'tv Tuesday'.  But that's as far as I got.  And I wouldn't even let them watch tv all day, it would be the matinee at the local movie place, in which case it should be 'matinee Monday', but then where would the museum fit in?  So I've scratched that.  Except maybe the prized 'french fry Friday', because everyone needs a hit now and then.

And french fries are like crack.

So much so that I had to stop at a grocery to buy a box of cereal to munch on while I drive the 30 minutes to a class I'm taking.  I know, that doesn't make a whole lot of sense, until you find that the class starts at 6pm and goes until 10, and I drive right by a Burgerwhop.  Popping crunchy bits of cereal keeps me satisfied enough to resist that urge to consume what I know is poisonous nasty.  You know, crack.

I've got to watch this movie again! 
I wonder, if I snorted a french fry, would that release me from this horrible desire?  Would it break my nasty habit?  Like the time that I was caught smoking, and my dad made me chain smoke an entire pack.  ...I have to say that doing that is one of the dumbest things you can do to try to teach your child to stay away from cigarettes.  All it did for me was teach me that I prefer Marlboro 100's instead of the Reds I usually smoked.  After all, the 100's are longer.  What he should have done was shove a cigarette up my nose and smack the crap out of me.  ...see how I did that, brought it right back to the possible benefit of snorting a french fry?  circle of life, baby.

I still have a few days to decide if I will or will not actually get anything done this summer, in terms of fun, that is.  I'd like to go to the beach, and the mountains, then back to the beach, with a few trips to the zoo and many days spent lounging at the pool.  And if I stay on top of things, some of that might really happen.  As I said, I have grand plans, and I usually succeed in accomplishing the plans for about two weeks, then I drop the ball.  But those two weeks are gonna be slammin!  So french fry up, kids, cuz this momma's gonna be trippin fun!


  1. I have that movie (on DVD). Trick is to get it back BEFORE summer ends! :)

  2. You know that's a dangerous game. My house is a black hole for borrowed objects.