Friday, May 3, 2013

Bathtub Gin and Sucking Water From a Sock

Now that I said I would post about stuff that is interesting to talk about at parties, I have looked into the 'interesting' abyss, and that thing is deep.  And empty.  And just in time for 'Cinco de Drinko' a favorite party that is happening on the quatro of May... honestly, I don't think there needs to be a list of categorized information topics to pull out at a party entitled 'Cinco de Drinco.' I think the words, like liqueur, will flow freely.  But just in case you don't have friends that don't mind throwing a Cinco de Mayo party on the wrong day, here is my latest edition....

(Reading that paragraph, you are probably thinking I started the festivities a bit early.  I'm here to tell you that no, it's just the disjointed way my brain works.)

My first inclination for fun survival tips was to tell you how to not die of thirst.  But that's easy, drink water...
If, on the off chance you don't have water and are in the middle of nowhere without moving water around, there are some pretty easy things you can do.  They might taste gross though.

1. Use some cloth to absorb the dew on the grasses in the morning then wring the water into a cup or your mouth.  Unfortunately, sometimes this means using your shirt, which probably stinks.  And if you are really unfortunate, a sock.  I can't imagine something less appetizing then sucking the toe juice through a wet sock.  If you have do this, I really hope you are truly lost and close to death, because if you get yourself lost and are really only a mile from a fast food joint... well, then I guess you'd have a really good story.  And smelly breath.  And probably rotten teeth.

There's no number two.  Mostly because I'm distracted.  I'm thinking too much about Cinco de Drinco.

 So I looked up backyard stills.  Apparently they are not very difficult to make.  You need a can to boil some mash, a tight fitting lid with a tube coming out and a copper tube attached.  The tube collects the condensation, which is alcohol, and deposits it into your mouth.  I think there are a few other pieces, but that's what a still is, for the most part.

I feel a new hobbie coming on.  Maybe next year I'll host Cinco de Drinco...

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