Sunday, April 7, 2013

Is Plant Waterer a Job?

I wish figuring out my future was as easy as it is for my kids.  Asking them, they answer the question with not even a small sense that the dream might not be compatible with real life.  My daughter will be a scientist/artist.  My son will be a monster truck driver/artist/plant waterer/demolition man.  Me? who knows...

There are the things that I'm pretty sure I don't want to be... like a roofer/baker/house keeper.  ...oh wait, I am supposed to already have two out of those three on my list of current occupations.  Damn.

I have to ponder this.  Again.  Because the program that I just wrote about has been delayed.  The school usually starts a new class every fall, like every school in the known universe....except this one.  After some super duper go go Gadget PI skills, I was able to find out that the program will now accept students for a class starting in May.  of 2014.  And that's if the email from this teacher turns out to be true.  I have big doubts, so I'm hedging my bets and looking at other options in case my fears are later confirmed.

So now I get to start anew.

I have a feeling that 'blogger' won't be the golden ticket.  It's a bit difficult to write a blog without using bad words and having to be nice.  I could be much funnier if I let the four letters free while talking about the crazy goth guy wearing white make-up and black, floor length rags I saw walking through town.  He was funny.  I wanted to take his picture, but he was also a bit scary, so I kept driving.

See, as I write about goth boy, I am thinking about some other characters in my town.  Like the woman that has exercise bulimia and runs for hours every day, or the guy that rides his bike in full down hill armor and baseball catcher protective gear.  ...but now I'm pointing out goofy things about other people, and goofy people are the only ones who read this blog.  If I make fun of goof, well, I'd hurt my own feelings.  And I can't have that.

I wonder if the local high school guidance counselor will see me and give me one of those personality tests that tells you what you'd be suited for?  My luck, it would say that I should be an artist/plant waterer.  I think I'll take that test, even if the high school turns its back on me.  And just maybe, my son and I will be the best dern plant watering team out there.  Yay future.

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