Sunday, November 17, 2013

'Oh, are you getting a new puppy?' NO! Shut Up..Go Away!

My house is full of animals, two of which are dogs.  The rest of the animals are we people, and I think that most of the time, the dogs are more civilized.

Here's one of them...
Momma, I cold.
This is Grizwald.  He is a Chinese Crested Hairless, or more precisely, the naked rat squirrel, and this is about as cute as he ever looks.  The poor boy hates winter, and rain, and wet grass, and toads. 

Let it be clear that Griz came to us as a rescue.  And not even a proper rescue.  I did not search out to adopt a naked animal.  He came to us via a serendipitous chat on a website.  A woman posted that someone dumped the ugliest dog in the world in her yard, and asked if anyone wanted him.  Well, ugly+unwanted=me jumping up and down waving both hands in the air screaming 'pick me, pick me!'  

And so came Grizwald.  I'm not sure he was dumped in the manner she described, and I did put feelers out in the area where she lived to see if anyone was missing a $2000. dog.  No one claimed the poor dear, so he became ours.  Really, I became his.  And by chance anyone reads this and says 'hey! I lost my $2000. dog a few years ago!', ...he has a tattoo, so if he really is yours, contact me.  But if someone does claim him, I might just pack up and move to another place and never blog again, and change my name, because I am his....not you.

Our other dog is the reason behind this post.

This is Wile E. Coyote.  She's my girl.  My first baby.  If you look at the picture and think she looks a tad like a zombie, that's because she is...sort of.  She has a retinal disease which makes the fluid build up in her eye, kind of like glaucoma.  It leads to blindness and weird bulgy zombie eyes.  We had a procedure done on her right eye to take the fluid out and prevent more pressure build up, and thankfully it worked.  The vet wanted us to have her eye removed, which would have been super cool at Halloween, but the pain and expense would have been too much.  So we opted on the 'suck out the problem' solution.  So far, so good.  And her other eye hasn't started the zombie bulge yet, so cheers to being regular blind instead of Marty Feldman blind.

Wile is 13.  She'll be 14 in April.  And she's a pure bred lab.  So just doing regular math, she's enjoying her sunset.

In order to keep my head from exploding with grief that I shouldn't feel yet, I've started looking at the puppies on SPCA websites.  It's kind of like reading the last page of a book to find out what's going to happen before it actually happens.  When you know the future, the present is a bit easier to handle.  

But I also feel like a cheat.  An adulterer, if you could use the word to describe puppy love instead of indecent people, cheat love.  

I also have a blubber problem.  I can come into watching a tv program that is half over, be introduced to a character on minute, any cry hopelessly when they get killed 20 seconds later.  No joke.  All I have to do is think about the story line of 'My Girl', and I well up.  The jokes about pregnant women crying at commercials?   I do that.  And I'm not pregnant.

So I'm relying on adorable puppy ideas racing around in my head to keep me level.  I can't wait to get one, but dread the reason why we will get one.  I'm bipolar without the meds.  It's fun and tragic all in one bubble.  
Stupid life.

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