Sunday, November 10, 2013

Is That a Rhetorical Question?

I have a slight addiction to Facebook.  With the help of friends and the lack of a job, I spend a wee bit too much time on the ridiculous site.  Most of the time, I just pop on to see if anyone put anything funny up.

I tend to unfriend people that aren't funny, so let that be a lesson to you.

Family is safe, but only because they are family, and there is a requirement written into the terms and services that if you unfriend a family member, you will go to hell.  Which I don't believe in, but you never can be too careful.

I have become pretty familiar with the 'hide' button though. I use it with wild abandon.  I don't care to read all of the updates you put about hating one political party or another.  Do that, and you're either gone, or forgotten.

Another one I hide are the religious freaks.

Those are the ones that perplex me the most.

Do you really want to know if I think Jesus is the reason for the season?

...cus he's not.  He wasn't even born on Christmas day.  Want to know why they picked Dec. 25th for Jesus' fake birthday? It's because of the 8th day and circumcision.  The Bris ceremony is performed on the 8th day of life, a welcome to the world ceremony.  The day when the slate is clean and real life can begin.  The 8th day after being born on the 25, if you count the 25th as day 1, is........ Jan 1st.  And then the world got a fresh start.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Convenient and brilliant.  I think the person that picked the 25th was a genius.  They should write a book.

oh, wait...


I like you believers, I really do.  I even love some of you.  A lot.

But if you keep asking me what I think, one day I might answer you.  I think a few knickers would get all twisted up if I answered all of the 'do you believe' questions y'all post on your fb pages.  So I keep my mouth shut, out of respect mostly.  I don't like getting in arguments when ethically, everyone is right.  And I really do like you kids, and respect your opinion.  I wonder though, would you respect mine?

So let's go back to the tried and true... only ask the question if you really want to know the answer.

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