Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Who's Holding Up The Other End?

It goes without saying that I write much more that I actually publish.  ...I guess it doesn't go without saying, otherwise I wouldn't have said anything...  If you can call this blog 'publishing.'  I made the rule for myself that I would only write about mostly funny things and keep snottiness to a minimum.  So far, I have kept up the part of the bargain that I should... I'm just wondering now who is the other person that holds up the other part of the bargain.  Weird.

I actually delete many more blogs.  Some of them have actually gotten really long, and it pains me a smidge to erase them, but mostly they were written when I was grumpy, and there are plenty of bad blogs written by grumpy white women.  No one needs another.

So this brings me to the here and now.  Because I've just deleted another very long blog about the inner grumpiness of yet another stay at home white lady.

You are very welcome.

In my most recent state of grumpiness, which lasted for a foggy week, I went shopping.  I can only explain away my purchases a little by blaming the meds.  I was taking some meds, but they were steroids for a wicked cough, which made me angry instead of silly.  I much prefer the silly meds.  When I'm angry, apparently I complain a lot, and buy strange collections of wall hooks.  I also bought stuff with skulls on them.  Not the boring skulls though, the Dia de Muertos skulls.  Because I like flowers in the eye sockets and I wish I were Mexican.   If I were Mexican, I would have probably published all of the blogs that I have erased, but really I wouldn't have had to erase any because have you ever met a grumpy Mexican?  Me neither.  It's the food.  You cannot be grumpy after eating mole sauce.  Seriously, cocoa and chiles?  Together?  What part of that does not make your whole face happy?

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